"I think I’m just really grateful to be here. It’s a tough industry and I’m really happy to be doing what I love most! I think we all should always celebrate where we are in that very moment in time. ‘Cause one day you could blink and it could all be gone."
Lana Parrilla, Regard Magazine | April 2014 (x)


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JMo on how to finish an interview


  How Am I supposed to trust a man who no longer believes in love?… I Still Do

in which regina mills comes full circle

reblog if captain hook’s love for emma swan has ruined your expectations for love

"Hook is still pining after Emma and he only has eyes for her. When Hook falls in love, he sure falls hard and he is willing to do anything to protect the woman he loves."




This woman, who broke your heart… do you still love her? Yes


After everything, I don’t think Snow imaged that she would ever see her again.

"You can either stop it… or die"

"Meet me in my vault in one hour."